We have joined the Greycloaks Alliance

Guild alliances are here in Neverwinter and our guild has been offered a sword position with the Greycloaks.  It has been quiet exciting and busy already (despite a much needed emergency patch to get things underway). We have already had a couple of chances of ‘bbqing’ the stronghold dragons, anywhere from 2-4 of them, with the visiting alliance guildies.  Influence runs are now never done alone and the coffers are filling.  Need a dungeon or edemo run, there are plenty of people to ask 24 hours a day.

Rank 10 been started and we should be a rank 10 guild by the weekend. We are also using Discord for communicating with our alliance so talk to the officers and leaders about this and get your invite.

Coming soon will be a website with alliance news and events so stay tuned.

Alliance Position  Discord ID  
Greycloaks Helm GC
Blackcloaks Sword BD
Team Fencebane Sword TF
Fair Dinkum Sword FD
Ancient Spirits Gauntlet AS
Caritas Gauntlet CA
Chaos United Gauntlet CU
Wraithguard Gauntlet WG
Monsters of War Gauntlet MOW
Shadow Draconis Gauntlet SD
SPG Gauntlet SPG ours
Dragonarm Gauntlet DR? ours
Brulparra Gauntlet BU? ours

Companions..what to choose

Thinking of putting bonding rhunestones with your companion?  The Devs say the bonding rhunestones are working as intended for now, but they could be a subject for change down the track.  At least 2 bondings and a lesser bonding can pretty much equal the stats you get from your augment pet. Increase the rank of the bonding rhunestone and you can get up to a max of 285 percent of your companion stats (with 3 rank 12’s). This now gives everyone options with companions from augments to leaders, strikers etc. What will you do? Want to read more? More on bonding

New boons to test out on preview server

After deciding to make changes to the level 60-70 grind, the devs have introduced some new boons to entice you to do the area as well as making it easier.

News about changes coming to leveling at 60-70

So I took a peek on preview server and here is what you get


  1. 300 power + 2k hit points or 200 defense +2k hp.
  2. 4%life steal severity + 2k hp or 400 regen +2k hp.
  3. 3.400 crit + 2k hp or 400 recovery +2k hp. 4
  4. (a) is a choice of chance to gain a 10% stamina gain for 10 seconds when killing a target. (b) chance for 10 sec life steal when killing a target,

(c) when taking damage, you have a chance to heal 24000 hit points over a few seconds. After this effect ends our recovery increased by 1000 for 10 seconds.

(d) When taking damage, you have a change to heal up 24000 hit points over a few seconds, after this effect ends your critical strike is increase by 100 for 10 seconds.



Preview shard testing is happening now – lets talk mounts

From what can be seen, the new mount stables is amazing.  Pick you skin from available mounts, pick you speed from what is in your stable, and if you have a purple mount, you can pick one of the bonuses. Currently the Zen store is inactive to view other stable benefits that are coming.  Should you have any of these purple mounts, here are some of the bonuses you may get from them:

  • Heavy Worg – 1k critical strike and 1k Armour Pen
  • Apparatus of Kwalish – 2k Recovery
  • Heavy Howler – 2k Critical Strike
  • White Tiger – 2k Armour pen
  •  Apparatus of Gond 2k power
  • Heavy Inferno – 2k life steal
  • Owlbear – 2k deflection
  • Rage drake – 2k Critical Strike
  • Guard Drake – 2k Power
  • Dusk Unicorn – 2k recovery
  • Leopard of Chult – 2k Recovery
  • Dawn Unicorn – using daily power grants 10% of your hit points over 10 seconds
  • Gorgon – using daily power grants 15% of your action points
  • Legacy Flail Snail – using daily power grants 25% of your action points for 10 seconds
  • Heavy Mystic Nightmare – 2k lifesteal
  • Yeth Hound – 2k deflection
  • Heavy Twilight Nightmare – 2k power
  • Heavy Giant Spider -2k power
  • Giant Crab – 2k defense
  • Armoured Polar Bear – 2k defense
  • Sylvan stage/Silver backed Bear – using a Daily Power grants 10% of your total hit points over 10 seconds
  • Giant Beetle – 2k defense
  • Armoured Bear – 8k hit points
  • Medium Adventurers Horse/Storm Rider Clysdale – 2k Movement